1 Liter Mannol ATF-A PSF  8203

Operating and service fluids > Gear oils and hydraulic fluids

Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:
GM ATF-A Suffix A


Universal all-season mineral oil for power steering systems, automatic transmissions of older generations, torque converters and hydraulic clutches of all types of vehicles. Designed following GM requirements.

Product properties:
- Can be used all year round, even in frigid environments due to very low pour point (-45°C and below);
- Maintains stable viscosity and fluidity even at low temperatures due to a stable viscosity index. Functionality is not dependent on the operating temperature, which ensures minimal power loss, high energy conversion efficiency and low maintenance costs;
- Compatible with all types of gaskets, seals and hoses;
- High thermal and antioxidant stability at high temperatures protects against the formation of deposits and reduces losses due to evaporation;
- Optimum frictional properties ensure smooth operation of the transmission and excellent longlasting synchronization even in harsh operating conditions;
- Effectively redirects heat generated by transmissions to the car body or the cooling system;
- Protects against corrosion, wear and effectively resists foaming.

Designed for use as a hydraulic and power transmission fluid for cars and trucks, buses and other special vehicles in accordance with the GM ATF-A Suffix specification A.

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