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20 Liter Mannol Transmissieolie MTF-3

The latest generation universal energy-saving multigrade, special transmission fluid, in particular developed for use in manual gearboxes of TOYOTA vehicles (Attention! Not for all manual transmissions). Applicable for transfer cases and differentials. Designed based on TOYOTA concern requirements.

Product properties:
- A unique synthetic base of the highest quality, with ideal viscosity in a wide temperature range, combined with the latest generation additive package, provide unsurpassed antifriction properties, which provides significant fuel economy and very smooth gear shifting;
- Due to its unique composition, it provides excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, which significantly extends the life of the equipment in all, even the most extreme, operating modes in a wide range of ambient temperatures. It has increased resistance of the oil film to high pressures and increased shear stability;
- Provides excellent low-temperature properties, which ensures easy start-up, reliable lubrication, as well as smooth, easy and accurate gear shifting at any ambient temperature (up to -45°C) and under any operating conditions;
- Effectively protects against varnish and clogging of the synchronizer ring;
- Effectively resists aeration, foaming, has excellent cooling properties. Has low evaporation loss;
- It has increased thermal, thermo-oxidative and chemical stability and resistance to high-temperature thermal degradation over the entire life cycle. This allows to reduce the formation of sludge, varnish, soot and other carbon deposits, significantly increase the oil change interval and ensure the durability of the transmission parts, which reduces maintenance costs;
- Due to the addition of special inhibitors, it effectively protects metal parts from ferrous and non-ferrous alloys from corrosion both during operation and inoperative;
- Provides excellent compatibility with seal materials, prevents them from swelling, hardening and shrinkage, which reduces the cost of spare parts and prevents leakage;
- Reduces noise.

Recommended for use in manual transmission of TOYOTA, BMW, Volkswagen, VOLVO, FORD cars, etc. in accordance with the above requirements of car manufacturers.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions in the instruction manual.