Nummer 9897

Super Kwaliteit Duits Product

Specificatie als volgt :

MANNOL 9897 Belt Tensioner
Engine cleaners and rust removers

MANNOL Belt Tensioner is a product that quickly, safely and effectively removes creaking and removes slippage, cleans drive belts from soiling, removes oil traces, restores flexibility as well as protects from drying out and cracking. It decreases noise during engine operation. It is the most effective in removing slippage of old belts if they cannot be tightened or exchanged. Regular use of the product significantly extends the working life of the belts.

For V-belts made of leather, rubber, balata, hair etc. Not for use with flat belts. Spray belt sides from ca. 20 cm. Repeat if you wish an increased layer thickness. Let work for ca. 10 minutes before re-starting the engine.

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