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Draagarmset ( 8 onderdelen )

OE Nummers : Onze Ref. 04SKV270

AUDI 1J0407151A
AUDI 1J0407151B
AUDI 1J0407151C
AUDI 1J0407365A
AUDI 1J0407365B
AUDI 1J0407365C
AUDI 1J0407365D
AUDI 1J0407365H
AUDI 1J0407365J
AUDI 1J0407366A
AUDI 1J0407366B
AUDI 1J0407366C
AUDI 1J0407366D
AUDI 1J0407366H
AUDI 1J0407366J
AUDI 1J0411315
AUDI 1J0411315B
AUDI 1J0411315C
AUDI 1J0411315G
AUDI 1J0411315H
AUDI 1J0422811B
AUDI 1J0422812B
AUDI 1J0441315J
SEAT 1J0407151A
SEAT 1J0407151B
SEAT 1J0407151C
SEAT 1J0407365A
SEAT 1J0407365B
SEAT 1J0407365C
SEAT 1J0407365D
SEAT 1J0407365H
SEAT 1J0407365J
SEAT 1J0407366A
SEAT 1J0407366B
SEAT 1J0407366C
SEAT 1J0407366D
SEAT 1J0407366H
SEAT 1J0407366J
SEAT 1J0411315
SEAT 1J0411315B
SEAT 1J0411315C
SEAT 1J0411315G
SEAT 1J0411315H
SEAT 1J0411315J
SEAT 1J0422811B
SEAT 1J0422812B
SKODA 1J0407151A
SKODA 1J0407151B
SKODA 1J0407151C
SKODA 1J0407365A
SKODA 1J0407365B
SKODA 1J0407365C
SKODA 1J0407365D
SKODA 1J0407365H
SKODA 1J0407365J
SKODA 1J0407366A
SKODA 1J0407366B
SKODA 1J0407366C
SKODA 1J0407366D
SKODA 1J0407366H
SKODA 1J0407366J
SKODA 1J0411315
SKODA 1J0411315B
SKODA 1J0411315C
SKODA 1J0411315G
SKODA 1J0411315H
SKODA 1J0411315J
SKODA 1J0422811B
SKODA 1J0422812B
VW 1J0407151A
VW 1J0407151B
VW 1J0407151C
VW 1J0407365A
VW 1J0407365B
VW 1J0407365C
VW 1J0407365D
VW 1J0407365H
VW 1J0407365J
VW 1J0407366A
VW 1J0407366B
VW 1J0407366C
VW 1J0407366D
VW 1J0407366H
VW 1J0407366J
VW 1J0411315
VW 1J0411315B
VW 1J0411315C
VW 1J0411315G
VW 1J0411315H
VW 1J0411315J
VW 1J0422811B
VW 1J0422812B

Levertijd : ca. 48 uur

Past op :
A3 ( 09/1996 - 08/2012)

LEON ( 11/1999 - 12/2012)
TOLEDO II ( 10/1998 - 05/2006)

OCTAVIA I ( 09/1996 - 12/2010)
OCTAVIA I Combi ( 07/1998 - 12/2010)

BORA ( 10/1998 - 08/2010)
BORA Variant ( 05/1999 - 05/2005)
GOLF IV ( 08/1997 - 06/2005)
GOLF IV Variant ( 05/1999 - 06/2006)
NEW BEETLE ( 01/1998 - 09/2010)
NEW BEETLE Convertible ( 09/2002 - 10/2010)