Teer Verwijderaar 9668

MANNOL Tar Remover is a highly effective solvent for the safe removal of bitumen coatings and asphalt crumbs, tar, oil, insect marks, bird droppings, old polish from varnish-and-paint and chrome surfaces, glass, glass headlights, bumpers and trims of passenger cars and motorcycles. The solvents contained in the product’s composition facilitate an easy penetration into pores and micro cracks of the cleaned surface. This product does not leave water stains or traces.

For cleaning of soiled vehicles from tar, asphalt, grease and fresh paint stains. Do not use on polycarbonate plastics and acrylic glass. Spray Tar Remover on the surface to be cleaned and let it work for a short time. Wipe off with a soft cloth or sponge.

Onze Ref. MN9688 / AP

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