600ml 4 Takt  AGRO SAE 30 


Onze Ref. 7203


Specificatie :

SAE 30




A high-quality mineral engine oil for modern small 4-stroke engines of gardening equipment.

Product properties:
- It has an increased resistance to oxidation and high temperatures, at which it preserves its strong oil film. It ensures cold starts during the winter;
- It preserves stable viscous properties during operation;
- A modern additive package and a highly-purified base ensure a stable operation of the engine in any operating conditions, including high temperatures and loads, prevent the formation of carbon deposits and lacquer on injectors, pistons, plugs, valves, nozzles and deposits in the engine case thus extending the service life of the engine;
- Special detergent-dispersion additives maintain the ideal cleanliness of the engine parts;
- It has excellent antifoam properties;
- High-performance reaction inhibitors ensure excellent anticorrosion properties;
- Special additives and a high-viscosity base ensure excellent antiwear and antifriction properties that reduce the fuel consumption and enhance the engine power;
- It may be mixed with analogous mineral and synthetic oils;
- It is compatible with all types of catalyst converters, has an extended replacement age.

It is designed for gardening equipment equipped with petrol-powered 4-stroke engines with air and liquid cooling: lawn-mowers, power cultivators, mini tractors, generators, powered pumps, etc.
Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual of the engine, especially the oil replacement age!

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