Acculader Snel 60V 67V 1-10A GX16-3P


Onze Ref. 3760351014152


For 60V battery
1f6f4.svg Charging port GX16-3P
1f6f4.svg Amperage setting from 1 to 10 amps to increase charging speed
1f6f4.svg Fits SpeedTroott, Dualtron, Speedway, Kaabo, Currus , Vsett , Hikerboy , Bronco , Inokim
1f6f4.svg Amperage setting allowing to choose the speed of charge from the slowest (1) to the fastest (10) example at 10A allows to charge a 10AH battery in one hour


Past op :

Bronco Extreme 11
Currus NF 10
Currus NF 11
Currus NF Plus
Currus Panther
Dualtron 2
Dualtron 3
Dualtron Achilleus
Dualtron Compact
Dualtron Eagle
Dualtron Eagle Pro
Dualtron New
Dualtron Raptor
Dualtron Raptor 2
Dualtron Spider
Dualtron Spider 2
Dualtron Thunder
Dualtron Ultra
Dualtron Victor
Dualtron X
Eroz Pulsar
Hero X
Hikerboy Grand Circuit 3200
Hiley Tiger 10
Inokim OX
Kaabo GT
Kaabo Mantis 10 Plus
Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro
Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro +
Kaabo Mantis K2000
Kaabo Mantis Limited
Kaabo Mantis Premium
Kaabo Skywalker 10C Eco 1000
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X
Kingsong N1D
Kingsong N11
Kingsong N12
Kingsong S2
Nami Blast
Rovoron Kullter
SpeedTrott RX 2000
Speedtrott RX2.4
Speedway 5
Speedway 5 Lite
Teverun Blade Gt
Teverun Blade X Pro
Teverun Fighter 11
Vsett 10
Vsett 10+
Vsett 11+
Wegoboard Blaster
Zero 10X 60v