Kleppenreiniger 9873

MANNOL Intake Valve Cleaner removes greasy and crusted deposits from valves in the intake and throttle valve area effectively. During everyday use oil and soot deposits gradually accumulate on the EGR and IAC valves and eventually obstruct the air flow. This reduces engine power and acceleration, causes rough idling and noticeably increases fuel consumption. The spray even cleans difficult to reach places in the intake tract without disassembly.

Application: Spray the throttle valve cleaner with the engine running for 30 seconds into the carburetor or behind the air filter/airflow meter. Deposits are cleaned up to the valves. Do not spray on painted surfaces.

Some indicators for a soiled throttle valve or a soiled EGR valve are:
•Worsened start and idling behaviour. Recognisable by a jumping rev counter.
•With the clutch pushed down while driving, revs are decreasing only slowly.
•Black smoke from the exhaust pipe.

Onze Ref. MN9873 / AP

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