Leder Reparatie Kit Mannol 9803

MANNOL Leather Repair Kit is a very handy and easy-to-use tool to help you repair any cracks, cuts, burns and tears on leather and vinyl material surfaces. A variety of colours and grain papers designed to match surrounding materials are included to help make repairs blend in with the surrounding vinyl or leather. A colour-matching guide helps determine the correct colour to match the damaged surface. With complete step-by-step instructions that come included in the kit, you can achieve a professionally looking result without the expensive cost of hiring an expert. This repair kit is good for repairing any burn holes, rips, and tears on leather or vinyl material surfaces such as: automotive upholstery and trim, furniture, leather jackets and clothing, sofas, couches, convertible tops, dashboards, boat seats, upholstery, luggage, apparel and carpets. See instructions included in the kit for details.

Kit bestaat uit :
•7 pcs. Heat cure repair compounds
•1 pc. Vinyl adhesive
•1 pc. Backing fabric piece
•3 pcs. Grain papers
•1 pc. Practice vinyl piece
•1 pc. Mixing spatula
•1 pc. Mixing cup
•1 pc. Heat transfer tool


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