Nummer 9963

Super Kwaliteit Duits Product van Mannol

Specificatie als volgt :

MANNOL Silicone Spray is an isolating and anti-frictional protective substance that does not contain neither mineral oils nor fats. It forms a durable polymer layer of silicone molecules on the treated surface, a layer that gives the surface excellent waterproof, dustproof and antistatic properties. It is designed for effective lubrication of metal-plastic compounds and the removal of creaking and crackling noises that arise from the use of vehicles. It protects and restores the shine of surfaces. It lubricates the rollers and guides of safety belts and restores elasticity of rubber, thus preventing freezing of doors and boot lids during winter time.

Before use, clean the surface to be treated. Shake well before use. Don't spray directly on plastic surfaces. Instead apply to a dry sponge or cloth and wipe over surface carefully. Avoid application to glass or fabric surfaces. Do not use on steering wheels, pedals or door handles.

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