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Spoelklos passend op B25C e.a. OE DA3001-A
Spoelklos passend op :
Most Homelite trimmers using 2.0mm (.080") line including B25C (UT-20768, UT-20770), BC2500AZ (UT-15201, UT-15202), BC2500MR (UT-15159R, UT-15204), BC3000 (UT-15099R), BC730SBR (UT-15113R), C300 (UT-20755, UT-20775), C1200 (UT-20809), D630CD (UT-20622), D725CD (UT-20696, UT-20714, UT-20739, UT-20761), D725CDE (UT-20695, UT-20713, UT-20773), D730CDV (UT-20620), D825CA (UT-20711, UT-20736), D825CDP (UT-20705), D825SB (UT-15152, UT-15160), D825SD (UT-20700, UT-20701, UT-20709, UT-20729, UT-20774, UT-20784), D830CA (UT-20642), D830CB (UT-15109, UT-15109-1), D830CD (UT-20622-A), D830SB (UT-15108, UT-15108-1), D830SBA (UT-15115), D830SD (UT-20621, UT-20700, UT-20701, UT20709, UT-20729), Easy Reach (UT-20699, UT-20703, UT-20704, UT-20730, UT-20737, UT-20738, UT-20777, UT-20778), Expand It (UT-20710, UT-20712, UT-20735), Expand It Plus (UT-20710), F2020 (UT-20788, UT-20789), F2040 (UT-20791), GST (UT-20593, UT-20593A), GST18 (UT-20593B, UT-20593C), HBC18 (UT-15075, UT-15075-1), UT-15075A, UT-15075C), HBC28 (UT-15096, UT-15097), HGT (UT-20583, UT-20583A, UT-20583B), HLT15 (UT-20602, UT-20602A, UT-20602B, UT-20602C, UT-20605A), HLT16 (UT-20585-1, UT-20585C, UT-20606A), HLT17C (UT-20586A, UT-20596A), HLT18 (UT-20584, UT-20584-1), HLT26EDN, HLT26CDSN, HLT26CDY, HLT26CDSY, K100 (UT-20742, UT-20764), K200 (UT-20750, UT-20781), K300 (UT-20743, UT-20751, UT-20783), LT10 (UT-33012), LT12 (UT-33013), LT1238G (UT-33021), LT1438H (UT-33022), MightyLite (UT21506), Power Trim (UT-20748, UT-20771), S825CDV (UT-20632, UT-20632A), ST145 (UT-20556, UT-20556A, UT-20556B, UT-20582), ST155CKD (UT-20744), ST175 (UT-20541), ST175BC, ST175C, ST185 (UT-15039B), ST2517CRG (UT-20819, UT-20820), ST2527 (UT-20691R, UT-20812, UT-20822), ST2537S (UT-20692R, UT-20734R, UT-20813, UT-20826, UT-20827), SX135 (UT-20601C), Trim'n Edge (UT-20024A, UT-20747, UT-20772, UT-20772A, UT-20779), Trimlite (UT-20004A, UT-20004B, UT-20677B, UT-20706, UT-20720, UT-20721, UT-20740, UT-20930, UT-20933), VersaTool (UT-15151, UT-15154, UT-15157, UT-20722, UT-20723), UT-20002, UT-20002A, UT-20003A, UT-20006, UT-20022, UT-20022A, UT-20023A, UT-20024B, UT-20044A, UT-20044B, UT-20046, UT-20590, UT-20594B, UT-20601A, UT-20680, UT-20680A, UT-20693, UT-20699, UT-20703, UT-20704, UT-20730, UT-20737, UT-20738, UT-20749, UT-20758, UT-20760, UT-20760A, UT-20769, UT-20769A, UT-20779, UT-20785, UT-20806, UT-20832, UT-20837, UT-41002, UT-70121, UT-70123, UT-70123A, UT-200024A, Z625CDV (UT-20631), Z825SD (UT-20619A). Contains 1 x Housing, 1 x Spool & Line, 1 x Spool Retaining Bolt, 1 x Spring. Supplied with a 5/16UNC x 1/2" right hand thread bolt

Onze Ref. 5007
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